Culinary Par Excellence offers healthy meals delivered to your home, catering in the Los Angeles area, diet meals delivered, diabetic meals delivered, sports diet plans, sports meal plans, meal plans for athletes, diet plans for athletes, cooked meals delivered, holiday catering in L.A. Every meal from Culinary Par Excellence is fresh, delicious, prepared by expert chef Rosanna Radden, and precisely tailored to your specific diet needs. Whether you need a quick weight loss diet, meals for athletes, nutritious meals for busy executives, diebetic meals, pre or post operative meals, Culinary Par Excellence delivers the highest quality available.

Catering to Your Health & Wellness

Culinary par Excellence creates, prepares and delivers fresh, fully cooked meals directly to your front door. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two Snacks a day. If you're a busy executive with no time to cook, need to lose a few pounds as quickly -- and safely -- as possible, or just want to get in shape and feel better, we're here to cater to all your dietary and nutritional needs. We work with LA's leading physicians, nutritionists and fitness trainers, and have been serving the West Side, Malibu and Studio City for over ten years. So please get in touch. We'd love to add you to our healthy and papered list of pampered clients.

Holiday Season Catering

This year, let us prepare and deliver all your Holiday meals so you can relax and enjoy your family and friends. From Traditional to Fusion, to Vegan, we can do it all for you.
Just give us a call at 310 384 9887, or email us here with the details.

  • Culinary par Excellence

    Rapid Loss Diets

    The safe, healthy way to lose weight quickly. We'll work with your doctor, trainer or nutritionist to help get those inches off. And keep them off. Fast.

  • Culinary par Excellence

    Total Wellness Meal Plans

    Our long term plan for maximum health and vitality. Delicious, full course meals with a precise balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Created just for you.

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    Holiday & Event Catering

    Relax and enjoy your guests. We'll plan, prepare, deliver and set up everything for you. From hors d'oeuvres to feasts, to fusion, we can do it all.

Personal Meal Deliveries

  • Home Deliveries
    Fresh Deliveries are made directly to your residence. Every two to three days, for the duration of the Diet or Meal Plan, a Culinary par Excellence Cooler will be brought to your front door. Each meal is individually packaged and labeled for the appropriate day and time ... read more >
  • Delivery Schedules
    Our drivers leave the kitchens every morning, Monday through Saturday. By 7AM, you will have everything you need for the next two to three days ... read more >


I have used Rossana's services for a very long time in my pursuit of both weight-loss and healthy eating. Her food is delicious, healthy and well-rounded, and an excellent alternative for busy professionals. Her services are excellent and very reliable. I strongly recommend Rossana if you are serious about eating healthy and losing weight."

Dr. Dan Yamini
Los Angeles CA